Amazon AWS Launched GXChain Today and is Now Accessible to Global Corporate Customers


On June 21st, GXChain's mirror node service officially launched on Amazon Cloud Computing Service (AWS), the world's largest cloud computing platform!

Developers in all over the world can deploy GXChain nodes in one-click and quickly launch GXChain-based blockchain systems through the image service on the AWS App Store. In addition, GXChain has been equipped with tutorials, smart contracts and DApp development teaching documentation. Thousands of AWS's enterprise users will be able to easily understand and access the GXChain network.

As a fundamental public blockchain for the global data economy, GXChain is committed to building a trusted data internet of value. The trusted computing protocol (TCP) developed by GXChain's core team will provide breakthrough solutions for enterprise and individual data computing in the era of big data, solve the contradiction between data business efficiency and personal privacy, and fully release the potential of data' s value.

In terms of performance, the public credit chain has the performance advantages of the graphene underlying architecture based on the DPoS consensus mechanism, and has the supporting functions of G-ID, GVM, BaaS, Blockcity Pay, etc., which is convenient for enterprises and developers to develop applications on the blockchain.

On the user side, dApp Block City based has nearly 3 million real-name users, and overseas users are also growing rapidly. It has become a successful entry for users worldwide to enter the blockchain world, accurately providing users to application based on blockchain applications and partners.

GXChain's launching on Amazon AWS is just the beginning, GXChain will continue to make efforts in the field of Blockchain and data ecomy which has a multiple trillion dollar market and a promising future. 

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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