QLC Chain launches the global ISO (Initial Staking Offering) for Confidant sales with groundbreaking yields profits to buyers and distributors!


 QLC Chain is excited to share an unprecedented profitable sales scheme — ISO (Initial Staking Offering) to Confidant global buyers and distributors.

You purchase Confidant, we lend you QLC for staking, you wait for Q-Gas to drop!

By purchasing Confidant Stations and running it as a voting node for QLC Chain, the buyers are entitled to up to 100,000 QLC INTEREST-FREE loan for staking that yields Q-Gas earnings on a daily basis!

With the Q-Gas earnings, Confidant owners are expected to break even the cost in 4 months, making about $167 USD per month and even extra from account distribution business.

This is a limited offer for early adopters, hurry up and secure your spot!

With more Confidant Stations added to the QLC Chain network acting as voting nodes, and more staking QLC as proof of voting, the security of the QLC Chain network would be largely improved. We reserve guaranteed returns, greatest profits and ladder discounts for Confidant early adopters.


  1. What is ISO?

ISO stands for 'Initial Staking Offering', which compares with ICO/IMO/IEO. it is an innovative token offering model by QLC Chain team that applies to early buyers of Confidant Station.

In ISO procedure, QLC team will provide up to 100,000 QLC Staking Loan for each Station acting as a QLC chain voting node purchased to the buyer, the 100,000 staking will be staked through to the buyer's Go-QLC wallet and from where to the buy will receive Q-Gas on a daily basis.

2. What are the benefits for investor from ISO?

  • 20% off discount for QLC holders upon placing orders.
  • Another 100,000 staking loan/unit is provided to the buyer by QLC Chain for generating Q-Gas earnings.
  • Additional Q-Gas earnings from account subscription services. (E.g. a Confidant owner issues 50 accounts and charges 1 Q-Gas for each account per month, that adds up to 600 Q-Gas earnings one year.)

3. How much will you earn by running a Confidant node for one year?

  • Assuming Buyer A purchases 1 Confidant Station

Total Staking Loan that A receives:

100,000 QLC x 1(Unit)= 100, 000 QLC

Q-Gas earnings from Staking Loan per day

Q-Gas earnings = your staked QLC / total staked QLC x 8,302

  • Assuming there are 30 million QLC staked on average throughout the whole year

Total Q-Gas earnings from Staking Loan a year

100,000 QLC/30 million x 8,302 x 365 = 10,100.7667 Q-Gas

Annual earnings from Staking Loan in USD value= 10,100.7667 x 0.2 =$2020.153 (USD)

Annual Q-Gas earnings from distributing accounts

Assuming A charges 1 Q-Gas per month for each account issued, A issues 50 accounts in total

1 x 50 x 12= 600 Q-Gas

Annual earnings from accounts issued at USD value = $ 120 (USD)

Buyer A's Cost (neglecting Q-Gas consumption)

1 x $699 x 0.8=$559.2 (USD)

Profits from running a Confidant node for one year

Q-Gas earnings (Loan for Staking) + Q-Gas earnings (accounts issued) — Confidant Station Cost

$2020.153 + $ 120— $559.2 = $1580.953 (USD)


You have relevant contacts and sharp skills to grow sales of Confidant Station? Want to increase your token profit from Q-Gas distribution? The Global Distributor Engagement Program is here for you. We look to establish a global distribution network, starting with seeking highly motivated regional distributor.

5. What are the benefits of becoming a Confidant Distributor?

  • Entitled to lucrative margins based on their order quantities.
  • Receive QLC Chain referral traffic as we list Authorized Distributors on the Confidant website
  • Comprehensive support and assistance from the Tech and Marketing Team

Interested parties shall go to the Confidant website at https://myconfidant.io/distributors for distributorship application. We will respond to the soonest.

6. About Confidant

Confidant is a decentralized privacy protection platform that provides cryptographic access and data management to functionalities including Instant Messaging, Encrypted File Storage, and Email Delivery. This is the platform that everyone should own in the near future, just like everyone owns a Google account today.

7. How to activate a Confidant

A minimum staking of 2000 QLC/unit is required upon placing an order for activating the Confidant Station.

8. When will the product deliver?

Confidant hardware first shipment commences in EARLY JUNE. We reserve lucrative margins based on the order quantities for Confidant distributors and partners.

We look forward to knowing more about you, and address any questions you may have regarding purchasing Confidant. f you are interested in joining us on board as a distributor partner, please select a time slot and schedule a call with us.

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